Audio and web meetings

Wie organisieren Sie Ihre Telefonkonferenz?

Sobald Sie ihre Konferenz-PIN erhalten haben, können Sie damit beginnen Teilnehmer zu Ihrer Konferenz einzuladen. Dafür müssen Sie einfach rechtzeitig den Konferenztermin, die Konferenz-Pin und die passenden Einwahlnummern kommunizieren. Über die Konferenz-PIN wird sichergestellt, dass alle Teilnehmer in die gleiche Konferenz geschaltet werden.

meetgreen bietet dafür eine kostenlose Einladungshilfe. Damit erhalten Sie einfach und schnell eine E-Mail-Vorlage, die Sie zum Einladen an Ihre Konferenzteilnehmer verschicken können.

Why can’t I share my screen with my attendees?

Please check which features your browser supports.

If your browser does not support the feature you want, we offer you an app to download that supports all functions. You don’t need installation rights to do this.

Which Ports/IP areas or other specifications on proxy and/or firewall must be at least open in order to be able to use

Our web meeting solution uses the WebRTC implementation of the respective browser, which normally uses UDP with changing ports. If that is locked, the browser builds a tunnel to a TURN server via Port 443 via the proxy. A proxy that transmits unfiltered HTTPS traffic should not have any problems with it.

What types of notifications do I see?

When is first launched, you will see a share request for notifications.

If you confirm it, you will receive information in the future if a new user has logged in or out of it.

What can I do if my system does not support 64Bit applications?

Alternatively, we offer a 32Bit version. Please download our application for this purpose. The link to this can be found in the system requirements.

Is it possible to award your own conference PIN?

No, with meetgreen the PIN for the telephone conferences is always assigned automatically by the system. This means that you cannot award your own conference PIN.

Safety 1st

For security reasons, all PINs in meetgreen are automatically created by the telephone conference system. This is the only way to prevent dial-in data from being awarded twice.

Self-awarded credentials are usually less secure because too often easy-to-remember combinations of numbers are chosen (7654321 or 777777777). Even with more difficult combinations of numbers, it cannot be ruled out that there is another user who has come up with exactly these numbers. Then it can happen that suddenly there are strangers in your conference call.

New credentials

You can request new credentials for your conference call at any time. Simply click on the “Require conference PIN” button.


A new conference room with new dial-in data will be created for you immediately. There are no additional costs involved. You don’t have to cancel the old conference room.

All credentials at a glance

On the “Forget PIN” page, you can always have an overview of all your (registered) conference rooms sent to you. Please enter your e-mail address and we will send you an overview of all access PINs.

I get an error message “denied access” on Firefox.

If you have the error message when you share your desktop or a window on Firefox

The release was blocked in the browser. Please release this again by removing “temporarily blocked” in the browser bar.

How often is the conference PIN usable?

There is no time limit for the PIN. In this case, conference and moderator PIN are valid indefinitely.

How long does my contract run?

With meetgreenFree and meetgreenFlex you do not enter into a contract. meetgreenPlus can be cancelled monthly.

How do you organize your conference call?

Once you receive their conference PIN, you can start inviting attendees to your conference. To do this, you simply need to communicate the conference date, the conference pin and the appropriate dial-in numbers in good time. The conference PIN ensures that all attendees are placed in the same conference.

We offer invitational assistance or planning in the customer portal. This allows you to easily and quickly receive an e-mail template that you can send to your conference attendees for inviting.

How do you moderate a conference call?

When setting up a fixed conference room free of charge, you will receive a conference PIN as well as a moderator PIN. With the Moderator PIN, you can identify as a moderator when you dial into your conference call. This provides you with some additional control features that you can run through your phone keyboard:

Get #1 attendees ‘ name: Play all recorded names of conference attendees

#2 Number of participants: Names the number of all participants in the current conference

# # Quit Conference: Instant Ending Conference Call Immediately for All Participants

* 5 Locking/Unlocking conference room: Prevents other attendees from dialing into the conference room – even with the right PIN

* 7 On-/Turn off presentation mode: All other conference attendees are muted; By pressing * 7 again, returns to normal mode

Important note: For security reasons, the conference call does not start until the moderator has dialed in. Until then, the other participants will listen to waiting music.

How can you use a web conference?

With our web-based tool, you have the opportunity to share content online in parallel with your conference call. In addition, you can invite your participants directly out of the tool and give them the presentation role.

How can I change the language of the application?’s menu language is based on the set language of your browser. We currently support:
* German
* English
* French
* Spanish
All other languages automatically set English.

How can I cancel?

There is no need for an active termination. The room will be automatically closed 365 days after the last use.

Cell phone calls?

Participation from mobile phone networks is of course possible at meetgreen. This can result in costs of a maximum of €0.42/min from German mobile networks.