Conference Room Settings

You can use the Conference Room Settings to change the settings of the rooms in detail.


You can change the following items in the settings:

  • Email address
  • Room name
  • cost centre
  • Language
  • Start mode
    • Security (conference starts with moderator’s access)
    • Interactive (conference starts with the first participant)
    • Presentation (all participants are muted, the moderator speaks)
  • Entry signal
  • exit signal
  • name recording
  • maximum participant number
  • Moderator PIN (change is effective immediately)
  • Participant PIN (change is effective immediately)
  • Automatic PIN generation (in days)
  • confernce code
  • on-hold music
  • Conference ends after moderator hangs up



Click on “Save” to finalize the changes. Click “Cancel” to undo the changes.

Please note that you cannot edit a room during a running conference! The changes always become active at the beginning of the next conference.