Is it possible to award your own conference PIN?

No, with meetgreen the PIN for the telephone conferences is always assigned automatically by the system. This means that you cannot award your own conference PIN.

Safety 1st

For security reasons, all PINs in meetgreen are automatically created by the telephone conference system. This is the only way to prevent dial-in data from being awarded twice.

Self-awarded credentials are usually less secure because too often easy-to-remember combinations of numbers are chosen (7654321 or 777777777). Even with more difficult combinations of numbers, it cannot be ruled out that there is another user who has come up with exactly these numbers. Then it can happen that suddenly there are strangers in your conference call.

New credentials

You can request new credentials for your conference call at any time. Simply click on the “Require conference PIN” button.


A new conference room with new dial-in data will be created for you immediately. There are no additional costs involved. You don’t have to cancel the old conference room.

All credentials at a glance

On the “Forget PIN” page, you can always have an overview of all your (registered) conference rooms sent to you. Please enter your e-mail address and we will send you an overview of all access PINs.