How to organize your conference call

Telephone conferences are very easy and quick to use. Setting up a telephone conference is also a snap.

When organizing a telephone conference you should take a short time. In this way you ensure that your appointment runs efficiently and that you do not unnecessarily strain your time and nerves with other conference topics.

1st topic of the conference call

When organizing your telephone conference, you start with the topic: What should be discussed? What is the result of the appointment, what is the goal of the appointment?

Only when this is clear can you think about the relevant participants.

2nd participant of the conference call

Which participants do you need to consider when organizing your conference call? Whose participation is really necessary for the appointment? Which decision-makers are needed and which persons can be informed about the content and result of the telco through the protocol?

3rd date for the conference call

The most difficult part of organizing a meeting is scheduling. Within a company, the calendar function of the e-mail program helps. There you can see which dates are available for the required participants.

If you have participants from different companies, please contact them by telephone to check availability. Or you can send us two to three appointment proposals directly by e-mail.

4. access data telephone conference

The meetgreen telephone conference service provides you with access data for your telephone conference at the click of a mouse: Request access data for your conference call now.

5. send invitations

Send the invitation to the conference call by e-mail to the participants. Inform your participants about

  • Topic of the conference call
  • Start time and expected duration of the conference call
  • Access data for the telephone conference (dial-in number and conference PIN for participants)

Further information in an invitation e-mail is also useful:

  • Agenda for the appointment (individual discussion points and goal of the appointment)
  • For external subscribers, state the name and function of the subscribers
  • Send the required documents as an attachment (e.g. contracts, overviews, minutes, etc.).

At meetgreen, you can use the free invitation help to do this