Plan a conference

To schedule a new conference, please select the items “Scheduled conferences” and then “Schedule conference”.


You can now start planning.

You should select the topic of the conference so that it can also be communicated to the participants. It will then appear in your conference overview.

Next, please select the date of your conference, the start time, the duration and the time zone.

In the Participants PIN menu, select one of your rooms that you want to use for this appointment.


In the area of dial-in numbers, you are offered a selection of local German telephone numbers and local international telephone numbers.


You can now select all the phone numbers that are to be available to your subscribers. Click on the relevant city or country. The dialed number is now listed in the box on the right. Click again to delete the phone number from your list. To delete a phone number, you can also select it in the right box and click on “Remove”. You can also display smartphone links in the invitations.


You have the option of creating a conference as a series of appointments. Please select the start and end dates of the series. Afterwards you have to define the rhythm in which the appointment should be repeated: daily, weekly or monthly.


If you want to schedule an appointment every day, select Daily. All you have to do now is define whether this only applies to workdays or the entire week.

Terminserie täglich

If you would like to schedule an appointment weekly, please select the weekdays on which the appointment is to take place at the same rhythm.

Terminserie wöchentlich

If you decide on a monthly series, you must define on which day of the week and in which period of the month you want to schedule the appointment.

Terminserie monatlich

You use the Language menu to define the language in which the invitation text is to be sent.


You can edit the invitation text at any time. Simply click on Edit. Please note that the text displayed in square brackets will not be deleted.


Click the “Next” button to go to the next page.

You can now select whether to send your invitation. You can send the invitation directly to yourself or just save it without sending it. If you send the invitation to yourself, you can then forward it to your participants. An e-mail with the moderator access data is automatically sent to you. No further action is required.