The meetgreen security mode

Conference calls often discuss confidential topics. This makes it all the more important that your conversations are protected from foreign listeners.

meetgreen offers an additional security mode for your telephone conferences – free of charge. Learn how to use security mode and what additional security features meetgreen has to offer.


The advantage of additional security mode

The conference leader can „lock“ an ongoing conference call at the touch of a button on his phone. In this way, it prevents other participants from dialing into the conference.

In addition, the security mode means that attendees cannot talk to each other until the moderator (the conference leader) has yet to dial into the conference. Instead, callers listen to waiting music for as long as they do.

The conference leader thus ensures that important topics are not already discussed without him. He retains full control of the conference call he scheduled.

Extra security with the presenter PIN

The meetgreen security mode is only available with a permanently valid conference PIN (but not with a so-called conference PIN for quick starters).

In addition to the classic participant PIN, there is the moderator PIN. The moderator PIN with additional features will automatically be sent to each fixed conference PIN.

To find out which other functions the conference leader can control at meetgreen, see How to control your telephone conference.